Interested in exchanges...

MasterChem at MasterChem at
Thu Jul 1 15:02:10 EDT 1999

I am new to the lep list and excited about hearing from you all.
I am from Oklahoma USA and I collect, trade, adn even sometimes rear
Lepidoptera adn Coleoptera.
Recently I gave my entire collection (2000-3000 specimens and growing) to the
Entomology museum at Oklahoma State University (on indefinate loan).  I am a
Biochemistry student there.
The curator has expressed an interest in getting represenative specimens from
South and Central america of all orders.
I have since been trading to add to the collection.
My personal interests are in both dead and live specimens.  I rear A.
polyphemus and two species of heliconid butterflies now.
If anyone is interested in exchanging or just chatting about insect
collecting, please email me.
MasterChem at

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