Parnassius clodius Northern CA Trip

Stelenes at Stelenes at
Fri Jul 2 23:22:45 EDT 1999

Has anyone seen any of this Parnassian in the California coastal ranges above
San Francisco, the further south the better?  Could you be kind to provide
details where it might be flying tomorrow, or if it has been seen somewhere,
even better?
Also would anyone like to find some?
I would like to go to Mendocino County on one day this weekend and on the
other go towards Sierra County and/or Nevada County for Parnassius clodius
baldur.  Anyone interested?
Please let me know if you are interested and email a phone number or other
suggestion for quickly making possible arrangements.
Best wishes.  Doug Dawn.
stelenes at
Woodland,  CA
Monterrey, Mexico

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