Iphiclides podalirius and Zerynthia rumina

Nigel Venters venters at iinteralpha.co.uk
Tue Jul 6 14:05:07 EDT 1999

Can I suggest that your friend chooses Zerynthia polxena or Z. cerisy if he
intends to breed? Z rumina is a finicky feeder and is happy on Aristolchia
baetica, A longa, A rotunda & A. pistolochia (Western European Aristolochia
species) but refuses Aristolochia debilis the main Japanese Aristolochia
available. Zerynthia polyxena, Z. cerisy &  Archon apollinus on the other
hand will take A. debilis.
Sofie Vandewoestijne <Vandewoestijne at ecol.ucl.ac.be> wrote in article
< at mail.ecol.ucl.ac.be>...
> Hi everyone,
> I am looking for someone who could help me find some Iphiclides
> and Zerynthia rumina from southern Europe for a friend who doesn't have
> acces to internet. They have to be send to Japan. Apparently he thinks
> best time to do this is as wintering pupae.
> Thanks in advance,
> Sofie

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