Buterfly larval food recipe

Linda Rogers llrogers at airmail.net
Wed Jul 7 20:42:20 EDT 1999

Dear Jim,
Southland Corp. makes an excellent multiple-species mix that works well for
several kinds of butterflies.  You mix it in a blender and use boiling
water.  Have some chopped-up leaves from any host plant for that particular
butterfly ready on the countertop.  After you blend the mix and the boiling
water very well, then throw in the leaves and let them blend for just a
minute.  You want the diet to be chunky with leaves and pieces.. you don't
want to liquify the leaves completely.  Obviously, you use milkweed for
Monarchs, thistle (ouch! eee!) and malva/mallow or soybean plant for
PL's.... Insect Lore makes a GREAT Painted Lady diet and Bethany Homeyer of
Michael's Fluttering Wings mixes up just about the best artificial diets on
the planet.  My caterpillars think so anyway.  So, if you want to mix it
yourself and you have the leaves to go in it (lots) the number for
Southland is (870) 265-3747.  If you want A-1 premixed stuff, call Bethany
at (512) 547-5568.  To make it worth the shipping, order a large volume
from Bethany.  I think it keeps for quite awhile.
More diet information and recipes can be found in Nigel's and my upcoming
butterfly breeder's manual, which you can E-Mail me and I'll reserve a copy
for you.  It is to be an excellent resource for information on a WIDE
variety of topics and butterfly species, and vendor/supplier lists of all
Vaya Con Mariposas.... Linda

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