butterfly landing on person myth??

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Mon Jul 12 20:15:54 EDT 1999

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Oggetto: Re: butterfly landing on person myth??
>I have seen Red Spotted Purple (L. astayanax) and Banded Purple (L.
>land upon people, they are possibly attracted to bright colored clothing.
>collectors in the tropics use brightly colored objects to attract males of
>Morphos and some Nymphalidae. I have also seen butterflies land on people
>the beach. I found out that they have a fondness for suntan oil/lotion. I
>watched a very persistant Polygonia hovering about a young woman
>And when she tried to shoo it away. It would fly around rapidly and then
>repeating to land on her to drink whatever perspiration/ suntan oil
I know it was not a butterfly and that its aim was pretty different, but
last summer a big dragonfly just landed on my swimsuit to... lay eggs inside
Ciao Ciao

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