Moths . . . Help in ID

Daniel & Monica Glaeske daniel.monica.glaeske at
Wed Jul 14 00:59:44 EDT 1999

Fellow bugsters,
I need some help identifying moths.
Essentially all I have is Covell's field guide
I live in southern Saskatchewan (St. Victor), near the Montana border.
Mainly dry mixed grass prairie with badland tendencies and thick
poplar-green ash-Manitoba maple forested areas on the northern slopes at
higher elevations.
Number one is a small sphinx moth, quite worn, caught at lights on 17
May 1999.  It resembles Covell's Sphinx vashti but with a less well
defined st. line.  Wingspan is about 6.5 cm.
No. 2 is a large sphinx moth, about 10-12 cm in diameter.  I have one
from August of last season, and two from last night (12 July 1999).
They closely resemble Covell's description of the Catalpa sphinx, but we
are miles away from any catalpas.

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