New moths (to me anyway)

Alan5319 alan5319 at
Sun Jul 18 14:19:17 EDT 1999

Although it is accepted that A. atropos, Death's-head Hawk Moth, cannot survive
the winter in UK. there is an interesting comment in Dunn & Parrack, Moths and
Butterflies of Northumberland and Durham (1986 Northern Naturalists' Union).
Quote :-
"An interesting observation by R. Craigs et al. was of a fine specimen found on
Holy Island on 22 May 1935 that emitted pink ejecta after being boxed,
suggesting very recent emergence, ..."
It would be interesting to view any data on the weather for Northern England
during the winter of 1934/35.
Alan & Jeri Coates
Recorders VC 66 County Durham
Archivists BENHS.

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