Giant Leopard Moth questions...

Rottwlrs2 rottwlrs2 at aol.comnospam
Tue Jul 20 09:24:18 EDT 1999

I live in Delaware where we are having very hot, dry weather.  I found a moth
in my carport and it was just about dead.  I gave it water, and it laid eggs -
so it's a she! I've been doing some web searches, and learned it's name, and to
give it sugar water. She is doing better, moving a bit after feeding, but she
doesn't try to fly and doesn't walk as well as she should.  She's been hanging
out in a potted plant I placed her in, and I feed her sugar water and mist the
plant when I have to leave for work.  I've also brought the whole plant inside
as it's so darn hot out.  My questions are:
Are they primarily nocturnal?
Should I be feeding in the morning & at night, or just at night?
How long do they live?
Do they die after laying eggs?
If she's not flying, it's not a good sign, right?
Can I give her something more nutrional beside sugar water?
How about fresh squeezed fruit juice?  Apples, oranges?
Someone said they like Dandylions - should I provide a fresh flower?
When do the eggs hatch?
Are they Wooley Bear caterpillars?
What do they eat?
Well, thank you for taking the time to help me out.  I have birds, so I don't
mind caring for another winged creature.  She is actually quite sweet, and
likes to hang out on my hand after feeding.  Feel free to tell me more of
whatever you may know in addition to my questions.  Thanks!!

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