Funereal Duskywing Q.

Sharyn Fernandez botany at
Thu Jul 22 02:36:38 EDT 1999

I  think I saw that at the museum here at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant
Hill, CA. Give me till next week, at whicH time I will need to return a
case of rhino beetles I have on loan and will try to verify the skipper. As
I recall they have a collection from the '40's with outdated names...
Sff - Concord CA
>I am trying to find the account for the Funereal Duskwing (Erynnis
>funeralis) in Scott's book but am having no luck.  Is this a new species
>name?  Does anyone know what this butterfly could have formerly been
>known as?
S. Fernandez
Concord CA

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