What do houseflies really like?

Steven M. Cohen pamcohen at adelphia.net
Thu Jul 22 02:25:22 EDT 1999

If you are dealing with green bottleneck or blue bottleneck flies, they are
attracted to natural gas, butane, methane and propane.  In fact, when they
collect in an area in a conspicuous manner, it reliably indicates a gas
leak.  The bottleneck flies, or "bottle" flies look like the common
housefly, except for a metalic green or metalic blue sheen.  You can
probably get a load of info, and probably some pictures off the web.  Try
these "buzz words" [excuse the pun]: calliphoridae, Lucilia cuprina,
diptera, Phaenicia Sericata, Calliphora Vicina.  What you pull up will help
you identify the "pest" in your home.  Now, if these evil monsters you seek
to drown in beer turn out to help you identify a potentially fatal gas leak,
maybe you will re-think the fate of God's winged creatures ....
Jim wrote in message ...
>I want to half-fill some beer bottles with something that will attract them
>to drown them. Something that won't bother me though.
>Or....is there something they really hate that I could put around that
>would keep them away?
>Can't understand why they stay, I'm keeping the place really clean, garbage
>taken out, food put away, etc etc.

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