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Thu Jul 22 16:09:35 EDT 1999

At first glance this question may not seem to be relevant to leps but bear
with me - it is. some time over the past 2 years somebody mentioned to me
that there is only a 2 % genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees.
I would be eternally grateful if any of you can provide me with a citation
of a publication for this observation - assuming this was published
somewhere. The lep connection of course is that I am in the process of
trying to decide how much weight to place on chemical differences in animals
as an aid to deciding on species vs subspecies status.  As everything else,
I have heard differing opinions on this subject - and I find it useful to
hear differing opinions before deciding what my own opinion will be. Even if
not directly relevant to the human/chimp situation; please feel welcome to
hold forth on the topic of electrophoresis/chemistry in taxonomy or give me
a shout directly if you prefer. >>
You might try Science 215:1525-1530,19 March(1982)
The Origin of Man:
A Chromosomal Pictorial Legacy. by Yunis
and the cited papers by him 12. P. L. Deininger and C. W. Schmid, Sclence 194
846 (l976); R. E. Benveniste and G. T. Todaro,  Narure (London) 261, 101
 deal with renaturation kinetics of  DNAs
Roger J.

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