What do houseflies really like?

Donald Rogerson roger at pei.sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 25 09:12:11 EDT 1999

Gentlemen, you have strayed from the Subject, carrion flys,
blue bottles, etc., are not common house flys, these flys
are seldom seem indoors, house flys are not attracted to
road kill, they like to search your counter tops and tables for
tiny food particles, they are attracted to sweets and prefer the
food to be in a liquid state, another attraction of your house is
that it is warm both night and day house flys like this, and there
are no breeses blowing, under these conditions, house flys
thrive, find mates, and enjoy our generous hospitality.
   This year I've reverted to the old fly catcher, remember them,
a long brown, sticky strip that uncoiled from a small tube and
was hung from the ceiling with a thumb tack? well they arn't that
easy to find, but I did get my hands on half a dozen, and placed
them inside a bristle board bird feeder I glued together, I don't
think I've caught many flys as yet, but it's nontoxic.  what I
think I need is some type of food that the fly can not resist,
but I have no idea what that might be, any suggestions....
Don R
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