singing off

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Tue Jul 27 11:12:42 EDT 1999

heading back to the States tomorrow ... with a stop-off in the Burren
where there will be some actual butterflies.
headed over to Tourmakeady woods and saw:
Silver-Washed Fritillary  Argynnis paphia  Fritilean geal
        Tourmakeady woods M0968 July 27  1999
around the same little group of trees where I saw them in 1995.
Also a couple of Pieris brassicae and a whole lot of small white
whatevertheyare butterflies. They said something rude about science and
went away very fast.
The second brood of green-veined whites is cluttering up my yard at the
moment; not much else flying.
I blame the swallows. Also the bats have finally showed up, so I imagine
the moth population is resurgent as well.
Cheery-ho. I will now resume the persona of viceroy at in South
The house is tucked in ready for next spring ... I go now to clean out
the refrigerator and fix supper. Sigh.
Anne Kilmer

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