problems with pupae at the airport?

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Thu Jul 29 13:06:21 EDT 1999

>Mike Soukup wrote:
>> It depends on which country you are going to.  Free countries allow it.
>> Fascist government controlled countries (such as the USA) don't.
>> X-rays won't hurt them.  And, even if you do stuff them in your pockets,
>> in some airports, you are also "scanned".  I'd put them in my carry on
>> bags and call it a day.
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>[Following is my reply to Mike, originally sent this morning as private
>We don't need inflammatory comments like that on the newsgroup.
>Everyone from the former Soviet block to Indonesia to the USA gets along
>fine here, so either apologize or get out.
>[cc: s.b.e.l]
>My apologies to the newsgroup, but I sincerely felt the need for a reply
>that would get the writer's attention - and get it quickly.
>Pierre A Plauzoles
>{via Kathleen Moon)
Keep on lookin but can't find the inflamatory comment!

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