problems with pupae at the airport?

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>>>Some people need to take political science again.  There has never been
>>>fascist rule in the USA.
>>Perhaps you need to take your history again, of course in olden days, the
>>"fascist" was not used.
>  The fasces or axe and bundle of rods appears as a symbol of a regulatory
state on Roman coins over 2,000 years old, and even earlier on the coins of
several Greek cities.
>  Our country has used the symbol on officially printed post cards issued
in 1875 (Scott UX4PC2 & UX5PC2) where liberty is boxed in between two fasces.
>  Perhaps when world population density starts to decline towards
sustainable levels, there will be less reason to regulate human activity
and we can return to our normal buccaneering ways which built western
>  Thomas Jefferson was our greatest naturalist president (yet) and the
only president (yet) to erect the skeleton of a mastodon in the White
House. He also held slaves. Yin/Yang.
>  Live and let live, but by all means freely express yourself. Words can
do no hurt to a healthy, well educated populace - remember that!

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