Charles Gavette timbukt2 at excite.com
Fri Jul 30 16:30:53 EDT 1999

Fascism divorces the mind from the body so well, that adopting to absurdity
seems normal.
  "But the first stage of spiritual practice begins with the tangible. The
body is disciplined by stretching, posture, herbs, martial arts, and
meditation; its raw material and good health become the basis for further
progress. Deeper states and powers cannot be immediately tapped."
                      (Chronicles of Tao: The Golden Embryo)
Notice the posture of the preacher(who wants us to leap ahead before it is
time): stultification in the flesh, as opposed to, say, the smooth
morphology of bodies in pleasure, synched to the undulating ether of the
cosmic pulse. Thanks for the light, my fellow American.
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