Identifying a moth?

Eduardo Paes Mamede e.p.mamede at
Sat Jul 31 20:31:44 EDT 1999

I would like your help to identify a strange (to me...) insect that I
saw one of these nights in my garden...
Here are the facts:
Local: Portugal near Lisbon and 2Km near the Atlantic
Time: 3,30 AM
Temperature: 15 degrees Celsius
Weather: no wind or clouds
The insect was 6cm long with strips on the abdomen, big dark eyes and
antennas each one ended by two little spheres. the head had a kind of a
bill. I couldnt saw its wings...
It was collecting polen from a Cestrum Nocturnus. When it was
collecting, it flyes like a hummingbird... but without sound.
I had recorded a video, and had extracted some frames of it. I can send
four frames (68k each) to help the identification...
Sorry about my poor english but it is not my native language...:-)
Eduardo M.L. Paes Mamede
Tlm.0936 6086424
ICQ: 4007866
emamede at
emamede at

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