California Sisters hazards

Laurel Godley godley at
Tue Jun 1 14:28:20 EDT 1999


I guess we can add infected tick bites to the list.  My doctor swears it 
isn't lymes disease but the swelling and pain certainly hurt.  I must be the 
only one in the universe to get a localized infection from trying to remove 
a tick (and botching it royal.)

Thanks for pointing out the potential side effects of Chrises brew though.  
I'll plan to handle careful if I get around to making up a batch.

Still as Chris points out, I was probably in more peril on my bike down the 
main through-fare on my way to the foothills.  Car drivers honestly scare me 
sometimes...  I do wish they would learn to look out  for something besides 
themselves once in a while.  My point, as an environmental scientist, we 
tend to assign risk assessment in some oft times distorted ways.

Wonder if thsi was a problem with all the rotting fish carcasses after the 
Exxon Valdez oil spill... or if the toxic oil killed even the microbes?

best wishes...  Laurel
> > Itemize the dangers please if you think there is some unusual 
> >Durden
> >  > >
> >The dangers are and they are not "unusual" just little thought about:
> >
> >Salmonella numerous species that can cause gastrointestinal problems that
> >occasionally fatal
> >
> >Shigella same as the above except in this case much more infective since
> >a few organisms can cause illness.  A butterflies feet can easily
>transport a
> >dangerous dose.
> >
> >Staphlycoccus aureus etc. which produce a heat stable toxin.
> >
> >Numerous other bacteria that produce toxins such as C. botulinum etc. as
> >as others too numeerous to mention that produce various G I disease. The
> >danger of course increasesif a person immune system is compromised for 
> >reason or another.
> >
> >This is the "biohazrd" that I mention.
> >
> >S.
> >
>   Ok, nothing unusual here, nothing I am not exposed to from flies from my
>neighbors' dog run.
>   Salmonella most of us catch at least once before we die. A little care 
>kitchen routine and food choice helps here. (Wash that chicken before you
>kook it.)
>   Shigella has occurred in my locality in the last few years at least once
>among diners at a certain upscale restaurant (according to the county
>health officer to whom my case was reported), although my case showed up
>after dining on airline food.
>   Staph. aureus is the beast of boils, is it not?
>   C. botulinum sems to be the most dangerous but is out there all the 
>   Seems to me that if you live anywhere where there are live butterflies
>you may encounter these other normal inhabitants of our environment. Hardly
>worth crying "WOLF" over a little butterfly bait?
>........Chris Durden
>afterthought -
>   The biggest risk seems to me to be the rapid implementation (prior to
>long term testing) of new technologies based on molecular manipulation that
>may eventually turn out to compromise our immune systems. After these we
>may be done for!

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