Papilio multicaudatus

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Thu Jun 3 02:29:21 EDT 1999

Sharyn Fernandez wrote:
> Hello -
> Re: Wing-color
> For: Two-tailed swallowtail (Papilio multicaudatus)
> I may have misidentified, [....] going by same black stripe width
> (narrowness) of this species to distinguish it from Tiger (Western), or
> Pale ST (sorry for common names, ahem.. P. rutulus, and P. eurymedon), I
> just had on eof each and one was as light as the "Pale ST" and the other,
> the darker 'banana' yellow; I think both female - no claspers seen) both
> caught the same day - unfortunately I let them go - but because it's easy
> to confuse the lighter one with a "pale" and I can't find any mention of
> this wing color difference in my resources, I just wondered if any of you
> the the Western US had made note of this - or are aware of any collections
> showing this difference, or do I need to get my eyes checked again?

Check with someone at UC Berkeley: their entomology department is among
the best in the western U S.  To get there, take BART (otherwise, you
will get the opportunity to waste an hour looking for a parking
space!).  Of course, the latter I say only because there are others
reading this who don't know the area all that well.

Hope this helps.

> thanks for any thoughts...
> sff
> Sharyn Fernandez
> Concord CA
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