Where, exactly, is the face on a Dogface?

John Acorn janature at compusmart.ab.ca
Fri Jun 4 23:40:16 EDT 1999

OK, Let's Get Serious,

I'm sure you will all be delighted to know that I am not actually upholding
the belief that there is a right answer to this question.  All I want to
know is:  what sort of dog are we talking about here?  Are we all seeing the
same thing, or do we all assume that our dog is THE dog?  Anyone ever see a
diagram, explaining the origin of the name?  

Fear not, this is NOT entomology.  No one need worry about their
lepidopterological reputations.  All I want is to hear your personal take on
this Rorsach Blotterfly.  Send it to me off-list if you must.  And thank

John Acorn

>John Acorn wrote about the Dogface butterfly:
>Hi Folks,
>Since things seem to have become much more quiet and amicable here lately,
>let me distract the group from the topic of Bt corn by posing a question
>with almost no practical significance whatsoever.  On a Dogface butterfly
>(genus Zerene), I have always seen the profile of a poodle, with its mouth
>closed but the lips a bit puckered, the mouth sitting at about the mid-point
>between the leading and trailing edge of the front wing.  The other day, I
>looked again, and realized it might really be a Shi-Tzu, with its mouth wide
>open (much closer to the trailing edge), and a double-bumped nose.  Any
>comment on this rarified lepidopterotrivial puzzle?
and Mark Walker Replied:
>Actually, the profile on the Southern Dogface is much more variable than the
>one on the California Dogface.  I've seen several different dogs on the
>forewing of this Lep, both with open and closed mouths.  I think I even saw
>a marmot profile once.
>I sometimes see wierd stuff in the clouds, too (especially when the
>butterflying is slow).  I've attributed this to salad day flashbacks,
>Mark Walker.

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