Green Hairstreak- Callophrys sp

Patricia & Jeff Harding jmh at
Sat Jun 5 03:01:12 EDT 1999

I have put a couple of photographs of a Green Hairstreak, either
Callophrys dumetorum or C. affinis (Western Green Hairstreak or Coastal
Green Hairstreak) up on a web page.  I would be interested in opinions
as to which it is.  Paul Opler's new book, Western Butterflies would
leave me to believe it is C. affinis (Western GH), but John Hinchliff's
Atlas of Oregon Butterflies puts C. dumetorum in that area, not C.
affinis.  Any ideas?
The photos are at
I am new to the web page thing, though, and have to work on
presentation.  The above address gets you to an index, and the third
item ( greens.htm )is the presentable file.
The other two files are very large photos.  Even the green.htm takes a
few minutes to load.
Cheers, Jeff

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