For the Fan of the Macro-moths

Gary Anweiler gganweiler at
Sun Jun 6 19:43:56 EDT 1999


Last weekend, three of us went out to the local fen and set up two 175 watt
MV's and sheets, and sat there until the temp hit about 1 degree celcius, 
and watched a lone midge and a very robust aphid fly in.  That was it.

Last night we went out to a sandy pine/spruce area with bogs about an hour
northeast of here (Edmonton Alberta Canada - and in an intermittent drizzle
with a breeze saw or took the following - also using the 2 MV lites and
sheets.  A few of the id's are still tentative and I am sure a species or
two is omitted.

Redwater Sand Dunes Area,  Alberta – June 5, 1999 - Gary Anweiler, Dave
Lowrie & Chris Schmidt

Antheraea polyphemus			2
Smerinthus cerisyi			15 +
Smerinthus jamaicensis			3	
Paonias excaecatus			5			
Phylodesma americana			15+
Odontosia elegans			1
Nadata gibbosa			1
Clostera apicalis			10
Clostera albosigma			10
Furcula modesta			2
Phragmatobia asimilans			10	
Lophocampa  maculata			2
Spilosoma virginica			3
Spilosoma congrua			1
Acronicta impleta			1
"	     grisea			many	
                 vulpina			several
                 dactylina			several
                 distans			seevral
                 superans			2
	     oblinita			several
Colocasia flavicornis			1
Euxoa auxilliaris			1
Sideridis mary	x			2
Sideridis rosea				1
Agrotis obliqua				2
Leucania insueta 			2
Lacinipolia anguina			many
Protorthodes oviduca			several	
Papestra quadrata			3			
Lacanobia lutra				1
Zale duplicata				1	
Ochropleura implecta			2	
Lacanobia radix			1
2 species unidentified noctuids.	

8-10 sp. geometers and various micros

Gary Anweiler  Edmonton Alberta  
gganweile at 

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