Ask and ye shall recieve!

Esther Cornelius JayAndEstherC at
Tue Jun 8 04:03:30 EDT 1999

I submit that a comprehensive naming of leps will never be done for 2
1) there are too many of them and too few lepidopterists (with that kind
of stamina).
2) The ratio of Lepidopterists to Lepidoptera is rarer than with birders
or gardeners so opinnions develop with less  social feedback.
3) If a few Lepidopterists with stamina undertake independant naming,
we'll have the system currantly in use.

Most butterfly people would not even be called 'enthusiasts' (present
company accepted). and in isolation, any name will do. But maybe the
popularity of butterfly houses will change that. They could promote an
'authentic' list of names, and formalize the religion so to speak.

Speaking of arguemetative butterfly people, (I'm talking to you, punk!),
Carl Jung's archtypes discribe a subconsious connection between flashing
swords and butterflies, and the Ryder- Waite Tarot deck has a butterfly
on the suit of swords. This symbology may be out of style, but maybe
it's not.

Bill Cornelius

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