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Doug Yanega dyanega at
Tue Jun 8 17:24:36 EDT 1999

Apologies for the crossposting, but we have just received a shipment of
insect pins from Petr Kabatek, a supplier in the Czech Republic recommended
by Bengt Andersson, and I think they deserve some good advertising. These
are *excellent* quality pins, and may even be *better* than the standard
Emil Arlt "Elefant" pins - for only about 1/4th the price. They come in all
standard sizes, black enamel pins for $15 US per 1000, and stainless for
$20 US per 1000. They appear more uniform in length than Arlt pins, the
nylon heads are slightly larger and easier to grasp (and resist ethyl
acetate nicely), and the tips appear very sharp and strong, unlike Morpho
pins. We did a small test order, and like them so much we're ordering
40,000 more - no more Bioquip for us, thanks. In my opinion, Petr deserves
more business, and should be encouraged to STAY in business. At the very
least, I encourage folks to try a small test order like we did, and doubt
anyone will regret it. Viva la Free Market, I guess. ;-)

The address:

Petr Kabatek
ZOO Prague
U trojskeho zamku 120/3
CZ - 171 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic

CZ - fax: 00420-2-426942
e-mail: hulovcov at


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