Callosamia promethia foodplants...

Citheronia at Citheronia at
Wed Jun 9 21:17:48 EDT 1999

Hello all!

Thank you to those who gave suggestions about obtaining P. modesta ova. I did 
have her in a bag, but didn't see any eggs. I guess all it needed was time, 
since now there are a few dozen ova in there!

So now here's another question. Last night I captured a female C. promethia 
at my UV light, and put her in a cage. At this moment there is a male on the 
outside of the cage mating with her. I would like to know what the absolute 
best foodplants to use for the ova would be. Let me know what plants you have 
used in the past that had a high success rate.

 Thank you all very much,

Randy Lyttle

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