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Fri Jun 11 05:37:20 EDT 1999

I have indeed. The blessed Dr. Norman Hickin put a lovely list in the
back of his field guide, The Butterflies of Ireland. It has the English
name, the scientific name and the Irish name all nicely lined up by
order and family and so on, just as Roger has requested them, so all I
have to do is crib from his book. 
I do not know how to do the accents, so you can just pretend they are
Trevor Boyd, my mentor, says the Irish names are just translations of
the English ones anyway ... the people who spoke Irish presumably didn't
have the leisure to go naming butterflies, or didn't pass on the
information to those who were gathering it. 
I hope that those of you who are discovering and naming butterflies are
finding out whether the locals have names for them. 
Yes, I omitted beautiful and ugly ... also scary.  

My list so far:
Note: my garden would be M054633 or so on the National Grid.
Killateeaun, Tourmakeady, Co. Mayo, Ireland. 
In Ireland: 
Dingy Skipper  Erynnis tages  Donnan   (Galway, downtown, Sept. 9, 1996,
the only butterfly I saw that summer ... outside the bed and breakfast
place near the hospital where I spent August. University College
Just a boring old skipper,  I thought, and then ... hey! New on my list.


Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni  Buiog ruibheach  (my garden, M06, M0563,
actually. 1995, August)

Green-veined white  Pieris napi  Banog uaine  (my garden, M0563. 
	also Croagh Patrick, L9282, June 9, 1999
	and Maumtrasna, M0061, June 2, 1999

Orange-tip  Anthocharis cardamines ssp. hibernica  Banog rinnbhui
	(my garden, M0563, May 26)



Small Tortoiseshell  Aglais urticae  Ruan beag   
	Tourmakeady M0967 summer 1995

Peacock  Inachis io  Peacog  (My garden M0563, May 26, 1999)

Silver-Washed Fritillary  Argynnis paphia  Fritilean geal
	Tourmakeady woods M0968 summer 1995


Speckled Wood  Pararge aegeria  Breacfheileacan coille
	my garden M0563 May/June 03 1999 

Grayling  Hipparchia semele  Donnog aille  The Burren, summer 1995
around Lisdoonvarna. 

Small Heath  Coenonympha pamphilus  Fraochan bheag  The Burren, summer



Red Admiral  Vanessa atalanta  Amreal dearg  my garden M0563 summer 1995

I will go out now and indicate to the Weather Fairies that a sunny day
is required. 
Anne Kilmer

Chris Durden wrote:
>   Have you found a list of Gaelic names for butterflies yet?
> ........Chris Durden

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