Luedhorfia longicaudata ,a Species nova (FS)

Pierre Zagatti zagatti at
Fri Jun 11 06:06:05 EDT 1999

Doug Yanega wrote:

> Anyone here familiar with the publication of this new species, or is this
> just a money-making/law-avoidance scam? (i.e. "There is no record of this
> species in any CITES lists, therefore it is totally unprotected")

I don't know the Order (longicaudata may be a Papilionid, a Saturnid, an
a sawfly, a cricket, a locust or maybe only a mark on the
wings/elytrae/cephalothorax :-).

Concerning the CITES lists, be aware that many species in many countries are
rare and threatened although they never appear on any list (I'm talking about
and colorful species, just as they appear on trader's catalogues).
For example, France did not suscribe to the Bern Convention until recently
(I don't really know why) so we did not participate to the discussion about
Now all Bern and Washington species are protected by law in France, but the
endangered species are not protected and even unknown at the International
Examples (check these names if you hear about trades):
-Eupotosia mirifica balcanica - this large and wonderful cetonid is known from
a small
wood (200 hectares) in South France, 3000 km from its normal range in Eastern
and Asia. It may be TOTALLY eradicated by overtrapping with wine traps.
-Brachyta borni - this Cerambycidae is known only in the world from a single
mountain pass in
French Alps.

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