picture of caterpillar of Papilio Machaon

Barbara Kümin b.kuemin at datacomm.ch
Fri Jun 11 09:39:08 EDT 1999

Hello everybody!

I live in Switzerland where I have a small allotment. I grow carrots, fennel
and dill especially to attract the Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio Machaon)
to lay eggs on them. I then collect the caterpillars, raise them safely and
release them again in the allotment area. In order to increase the awareness
of my allotment neighbours I thought I'd put together a small leaflet
containing pictures of the caterpillars of the Swallowtail in both the early
and the later stage, as well as the adult butterfly. However, I can't seem
to find a picture of the early caterpillar stage: black with light blue-grey
section in the middle (which is of course the stage they will most likely be
noticed by the allotment owners and possibly squashed as a pest...).
So if any of you has such a picture or knows where I can get one, please get
in contact with me.
Thanks in advance!

Barbara Kümin

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