Aglias and Homonomy

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You must have mispoken, and I suggest your message creates some

As Doug pointed out homonomy of genera does apply across orders in the
"amimal kingdom" and homonomy of species applies within each genus. 
Homonomy of species means you cannot have two species with the same
epithet in the same genus.  Homonomy of species is not an issue related
to families.

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Cris Guppy & Aud Fischer wrote:
> Homonomy of genera does not apply across Orders, anymore than homonomy of
> species applies across Families.
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> >  Oh no! This can't be. I thought Hemming had checked all the classical
> >names twice, and then Cowan had gone over the corrections and corrected
> them.
> >  You may be right, because they missed Klug's early publication (that
> >Paclt found) on the genus *Heliconius*, *Plebeius* and others. This makes
> >Cuvier's use of the family group name Plebei valid, and potentially obliges
> >a switch from Lycaenidae to Plebeidae, if we apply priority to family group
> >names. *Pieris* as a plant and a butterfly is currently ok, but *Aglais* as
> >a mollusc and a butterfly is not.
> >  What is the reference for mollusc *Aglais*? Let's clean this up and get
> >back in the field.
> >...........Chris Durden
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> >At 06:21  9/06/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >>I just noticed that it appears to be a valid name for a mollusc genus.
> >>Seems like potential conflict, no? And I've only checked the "a"s. So, was
> >>this the kind of nomenclatural problems you all had in mind? How much
> would
> >>you like to bet that this is older than the lep name?  :-P
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