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Fri Jun 11 15:38:25 EDT 1999

Clarification needed...  - WHAT COMMON NAME LIST ARE YOU USING? I'd heard
from a Lep. Society person that the only "Variable Checkerspot" was a
Sierran species? thank you.

sharyn >Leppers,
>Great butterflying near Bodfish in the hills south of Lake Isabella, Kern
>County, California, U.S.A. , Wednesday June 9, 1999:
>Orange Veined Blue (I. neurona)
>Acmon Blue (I. acmon)
>Lupine Blue (I lupini)
>Gorgon Copper (L. gorgon)
>Tailed Copper (L. arota)
>Hedgerow Hairstreak (S. saepium)
>California Hairstreak (S. californica)
>Ringlet (C. tullia)
>Great basin Woodnymph (C. sthenele)
>California Sister (A. bredowii)
>Leanira Checkerspot (T. leanira)
>Variable Checkerspot (E. chalcedona)
>Rural Skipper (O. agricola)
>Lindsey's Skipper (H. lindseyi)
>Weather was sunny, cooler than normal and observations covered two and a half
>hours in one small canyon.
>Jim Brock

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