Meadow Brown

Andrew Wood andrew at
Sat Jun 12 14:26:27 EDT 1999

I, too, have seen this species early this year on one of my transect walks
at Balls Wood just south of Hertford UK. I saw one on June 8th ( and two on
June 10th) which is the earliest I have seen it over two transects in the
last four years. However I notice in The annual report for Herts & Middx
Butterfly Conservation for the last few years gives earliest dates as 8
June (1995), 13 June (1996), 1 June (1997), 6 June (1998).

But then the climate in SE England is rather drier and warmer on average
(even in this miserable June??) than Northern Ireland and a different
subspecies is involved.

Andrew Wood
Herts UK

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>While walking my weekly Pollard transect today (12 June) I saw my first
>Meadow Brown (Maniola jurtina sub sp. iernes) of the year.  Is this not
>rather early?  They usually emerge around 18-20 June here.  Are they out
>Trevor Boyd (Butterfly Conservation Northern Ireland)

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