Names (vernacular) . . .

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sun Jun 13 01:46:24 EDT 1999

All yours, then.
So what are you calling them? 
Guligufi is nice ... general names for butterflies do all sound fluttery
and friendly. Wouldn't do for a species name, I suppose. 
Anne Kilmer

Nigel Venters wrote:
> Anne Kilmer <viceroy at> wrote in article <3760D8D0.6CE96B61 at>...
> > I hope that those of you who are discovering and naming butterflies are
> > finding out whether the locals have names for them.
> Anne the locals certainly did have a name for them.... Guligufi.... This is
> Chichewa for "Butterfly" and applied to all species large and small.
> Nigel

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