Sun dusted one

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Sun Jun 13 23:32:56 EDT 1999

  At one point we had some vocal 60-year rulers, but now most of them have
died out. It always seemed a bit presumptious for someone to assume that
his 60 years of science should carry more weight than his predecessors. I
have championed strict priority for years, figuring that this is a fair way
of settling name changes once and for all, even if once in a while a
forgotten publication resurfaces. Isn't that an awful thought - a forgotten
publication. I fear we shall see more and more of these as our libraries
archive books and journals not used in the last year.
..........Chris Durden

At 04:26  14/06/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Your interpretation of  "Sun-dusted one of graceful
>aspect" is certainly poetic. 
>I got involved in a similar mis-spelling, trying to sort out whether 
>whether ochrophus or ochropus should stand for the Green Sandpiper. I 
>was right, if only by the 50 year rule, but did NOT stand by my guns 
>long enough. I gave in to the priority folk, even though virtually no 
>one had used the prior name in the 20th century. 
>Mike Gochfeld

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