URGENT! Help rearing moth caterpillars!

shulamis at my-deja.com shulamis at my-deja.com
Wed Jun 16 18:17:38 EDT 1999

Someone help me out here, PLEASE!

I don't know a huge amount about insects in
general, but I'm very curious about them, and a
couple weeks ago I caught this very lovely
white/mint green moth which I haven't been able to
identify. Much to my happiness, she laid some eggs
before she died. And I just looked in the little
plastic cup they're in and they've hatched! I'm
thrilled. But, I have no clue what to do with them

I REALLY want to keep these alive, watch them
grow, and go through metamorphosis, but I don't
know what kind of environment/food they need. The
caterpillars are each about 1/8" long, hairline
skinny, and brown.

The adult female had about a 2" wingspan, skinny
body, and white/light green wings. Found in
Northern NJ, by the way.

Please e-mail me with any advice! Thanks so much!

pilfers at vfive.com     <-prefered
shulamis at briefcase.com

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