URGENT! Help rearing moth caterpillars!

DR. JAMES ADAMS jadams at Carpet.dalton.peachnet.edu
Thu Jun 17 09:53:10 EDT 1999

Dear Shulamis, 

You wrote:
> I REALLY want to keep these alive, watch them
> grow, and go through metamorphosis, but I don't
> know what kind of environment/food they need. The
> caterpillars are each about 1/8" long, hairline
> skinny, and brown.
> The adult female had about a 2" wingspan, skinny
> body, and white/light green wings. Found in
> Northern NJ, by the way.

>From the description of the caterpillars and the moth, you are 
undoubtedly talking about some geometrid (inchworm) moth, probably 
the Showy Emerald (Dichorda iridaria), which is basically green with 
relatively broad white (pinkish) stripes through the wings.  The 
caterpillars typically feed on sumac, so go find some quickly!!


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