Sphingidae for trade

llecerf at videotron.ca llecerf at videotron.ca
Thu Jun 17 20:36:51 EDT 1999

Hi Bruce
I would be very very interested by the following species :

Rustic sphinx (Manduca rustica )
Muscosa sphinx (Manduca muscosa
Florestan sphinx (Manduca florestan )
Doll's sphinx (Sphinx dollii )
Salicet sphinx (Smerinthus saliceti )
Big poplar sphinx (Pachysphinx occidentalis)
Typhon sphinx (Eumorpha typhon)
Falcon sphinx (Xylophanes falco)
Great ash sphinx (Sphinx chersis )
Sonoran sphinx (Ceratomia sonorensis )
Oculea silkmoth (Antheraea oculea)
Western Imperial (Eacles oslari)
Splendid royal moth (Citheronia splendens)
Hubbard's small silkmoth (Sphingicampa hubbardi)

I have sphingidae from Quebec for trade. The list is on my WEB page
As I am going on vacation soon, I will be able to trade after July 24.

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