Raising Leppers

Daniel L Robinson kalos2 at juno.com
Fri Jun 18 14:56:43 EDT 1999

Anne Kilmer wrote:  

>Whether your students are children or grandmothers, they >still need
>support and reassurance. We're good at that, on this list. 

I'll say!  Thank you to all the listers who knowingly or unknowingly
helped with our Butterfly I party.  Nine little kid-caterpillars munched
their way through their eggs, leaves (spinach), their sleeping bag
(chrysalis) stage, butterfly pizza  and nectar dessert.  

Little minds that started to wander at the thought of learning scientific
names, were brought to *full alert* when they heard how scientists fight
like kids on the playground over the names, and even try to sneak jokes
into the naming schemes!

 They loved the idea of being able to communicate with any scientist in
any country, by learning scientific names.  By the end of the day, they
were pronouncing them in "carrying tones" that were most impressive.  

Happy Lepping,

Martha W. Robinson
Kent, WA  
Now with nine new pairs of eyes helping me look out for that first

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