Visiting Seattle area?

Markku Savela msa at
Sun Jun 20 11:21:54 EDT 1999

It *may* happen that I visit Seattle during this July. Related to
this, I have two items:

During the visit I hope I could get some photographing done to
supplement my web pages with images of foreign plants and critters
(including butterflies). I assume I can locate some wilderness myself,
but of course, I would not oppose having some guidance to suitable
locations, where the land owner would not mind my wandering off the
paths. I don't expect to any collecting.

And another thing, if anyone is insterested, I could carry with me
some common moth specimens from Finland to give away [arrange meet
someplace, in University District]. First that come to mind are some
larger common moths as Laothoe populi, L. amurensis, Smerinthus
ocellatus, Macrothylacia rubi, Catolaca fraxini. You see, I mean
*really* common ones. I could also pin specimens from the currently
flying common moths, if you inform me of the insterest. However, I
currently have no idea if I would need extensive paperwork for FWS. If
so, or if there is no interest, I will drop this idea.

Markku Savela (msa at, Technical Research Centre of Finland
Multimedia Systems, P.O.Box 1203,FIN-02044 VTT,

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