NABA and butterfly watching

Patricia & Jeff Harding jmh at
Sun Jun 20 19:54:07 EDT 1999

You should find a copy of Bob Pyle's 1974 book Watching Washington Butterflies.
In the preface he presages Glassberg's ideas about the comparison between birding
and butterflying:
    "When butterflying becomes as pervasive and popular as birding, it will be
seen, too, that certain scientific data can be gained from living organisms which
pinned specimens in a box will never yield" (Pyle, 1974)
But we should not fault Glassberg for laying claim to have invented butterfly
watching.  I'm sure there have been many West Coast innovations that are ignored
until New Yorkers get the idea, and lend it credibility by pronouncing it theirs.

By the way, how do we reclaim the common name Anglewing for Polygonia?  The NABA
used flawed reasoning when they called them Commas.  Polygonia comma should have
been called the Comma Anglewing.
Cheers, Jeff

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