ID help: odd pink & yellow moth

Eric or Pat Metzler spruance at
Sun Jun 20 21:01:55 EDT 1999


You'll get a lot of help with this one.  It's the rosy maple moth.  The
yellow head is the dead give-away.


Eric Metzler
Columbus OH

Neil Schlegel wrote:
> Hello,
> I saw a very strange moth a few weeks ago in Canada
> (Ontario, 30 miles north of the Minnesota border) that I
> couldn't find in any moth books.  I thought I'd see if
> anybody here knows what it is.
> I saw it at rest on a window screen so I was able to
> see it from both sides.
> First, the view from above:
> Approx. 1" from head to tip of the wings.
> Each wing has a triangle shape and they are angled
> down to cover the body (none or very little of the
> body is visible from above).
> Tbe wings were pink and yellow (solid colors, no spots).
> Imagine a pink wing that has a stripe of yellow emerging
> from the center line where the two wings meet and going
> out to the tip of the wing.  The yellow stripe gets wider as
> it goes from the middle out to the far point of the wing.
> This stripe makes the color of the wing alternate
> pink-yellow-pink as you go from head to tail.
> The head was bright fuzzy yellow, reminding me of a
> thick head of very blond hair.  Its front legs were bright
> fuzzy pink.  These front legs stuck out in front of its
> head and were visible from above.
> From underneath, the body was fuzzy yellow.  I guess
> I didn't write down the color of all the legs;  I just know
> the front legs (visible from the top) were pink.
> The fuzzy colors (head, body and front legs) were bright--the
> yellow and pink of the wings were faded in comparison.
> I didn't get anything written down on its antenna.  I honestly
> don't remember them being there, but I must have just
> missed it.
> I'd appreciate anybody's guess as to what this one is--thanks!
> Neil
> schlegel 'at' tiny 'dot' net

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