Brassolid in So TX (was "Limberlost")

Chris Durden drdn at
Mon Jun 21 19:14:41 EDT 1999

At 04:58 PM 1999:06:21 -0500, you wrote:
>I believe that *Opsiphanes boisduvalii* is a resident just over the border
>in northern Nuevo Leon, Mexico. No larvae were seen in association with the
>specimen collected in south Texas. Apparently no Brassolid has been
>documented north of Mexico.
>Mike Quinn, Donna, TX
  I have seen *Opsiphanes boisduvalii* BOISDUVAL'S OPSIPHANES, OPSIPHANE DE
BOISDUVAL active at dusk in tropical evergreen dry forest on karst
limestone on several occasions, between Gomez Farias and La Florida (Mcp.
de Gomez Farias) in Tamaulipas, Mexico. I have not seen it farther north
but I suspect it in the Sierra de San Carlos and it is possible in the
Sierra de Cerralvo.
  With the current climatic change I would expect to encounter it in Texas
more often in future. Where are you depositing the voucher specimen?
..........Chris Durden

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