NOT the collecting debate :-)

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Mon Jun 21 18:51:43 EDT 1999

I was introduced to the world of insects in a big way when I was about six.
My neighbor moved to Lincoln, Nebraska from Papua New Guinea in the early
70's and his son was my age.

He had brought some pinned Birdwings with him and they captured my active
imagination and I have always dreamed of going to see them in the wild.

They helped me to learn how to identify, pin and mount, record data, etc. I
really developed an interest in all insects.

We moved away from this entomologist to another part of town and lost
contact. However, my new scoutmaster was also an entomologist at the
university with a son my age, which kept the interest going. I never did
pursue it as a career.

I haven't collected (to pin) in many years, but enjoy what they taught me
about rearing. Also, I can never pass up photographing insects I see when I
travel overseas.

Ray Tripp

I've also discovered that I've a green thumb :)

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>I'm curious, is there anyone on Leps-L who has never purposefully collected
>a butterfly (or other insect) and who also wasn't a birder or a gardener
>before getting into entomology?
>Mike Quinn, Donna, TX

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