to bee or not to bee...

tana tana8 at
Tue Jun 22 08:05:16 EDT 1999

Hi, thank you all for helping settle my dilema. As a newbie in things that
previously scared the life out of me, you've helped me decide how to pass on
my new found interest. I built a creature gazebo for my odd little blue wasp
and gathered the previously uninterested around to draw it. We named him
'johnny' and let him go. We've used the gazebo(five screens, open on bottom)
for all sorts of creatures to study and add to our 'collection' of drawings.
I won't collect live things for any reason (my cats are looking at me
funny..)but will fully support collection by professionals who know what
they're doing and won't mis-ID a rarity. I do think seeing these collections
help to educate the rest of us as long as it's made clear that that is the
purpose. Not just to HAVE.
I found a perfect snakeskin today that will be used in the creature forum.
It's obviously not a live thing but will go back to where I found it because
some of 'my' birds use them in their nests.
Trying not to leave too much of a footprint,

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