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>>Dear listers,
>>I wrote:
>>> . . . open to swinging a net.  So, too, are public 
>>> lands outside of the nature reserves, national parks, state parks, 
>>> and other protected areas.  You need to be certain, however, that 
>>> you know where these areas are.  This includes all of the Keys 
>>> currently, except, again, privately owned lands. 
>>In rereading this, I realize that I what I wrote is confusing.  The 
>>Keys are completely *protected* -- NO swinging a net there or you 
>>will get more than a ticket. 
>  This is the rumor I had heard. This is not right. It puts this whole
region off limits to a whole subset of naturalists who in the past were the
ones most responsible for recognizing the Keys as a biologically
interesting area. We should remember that most research that has been done
on regional faunas, recognizing diversity and recording new species, has
been serendipetous. The researcher or tourist was there at the right place
and the right time to observe and VOUCHER his/or her observations. The
making of these observations could not have been predicted or planned
before hand - hence they could not have been permitted in the way they must
be now. Our conservation arm has shot us in our research foot and crippled
natural science until we remedy this situation. Meanwhile there are other
people who are not naturalists, out there cruising the highways for snakes
and tarantulas to sell to pet stores in other states. Oh don't get me
started on this one!
>..........Chris Durden
> Any of these areas are, of course, 
>>open to appropriate faunal studies, but you must first apply and get 
>>a permit from the appropriate agencies.
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