Help with permit requirements for SE Arizona

Kathleen Moon kmoon at
Wed Jun 23 15:01:07 EDT 1999

"Ronald D. Holland" wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what permits are required and where I can get them for
> collecting (primarily Coleoptera) in Coronado National Forest (Madera
> Canyon, Pena Blanca, Cave Creek Canyon, etc)?  The last time I was in the
> area, permits were not required.  Thanks in advance.

Be careful around Coronado National Monument: the rangers around there
have had considerable trouble with poacjers and drug-runners.  Tell them
ahead of time what yoiu are doing; that *should* work, but I wouldn't
put my life on the line over it.  I know a couple researchers who were
quite boldly harrassed by both NPS and FWS personbnel who were firmly
convionced that they were the only ones who could legally be in the area
(the road between Canelo and Hereford).  With friends like that, who
needs enemies?

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