FWD: Danainae research request

Lawrence F. Gall lawrence.gall at yale.edu
Wed Jun 23 17:31:21 EDT 1999

>Dear sir,
>would it be possible to notify mail recipients of the 
>LEPS-L list with the following message as i am a non 
>subscriber. I unfortunately do not have time to subscribe 
>as i am due to leave for Brazil soon.
>Would it also be possible to direct replies (pref. via 
>e-mail) to:
>Dr. Gagan  Lushai
>University of Southampton,
>School of Biological Sciences,
>Biodiversity and Ecology Division
>Basset Crescent East
>Southampton SO16 7PX
>Tel/Fax: +44(0)1703 594468
>e-mail:  gl1 at soton.ac.uk 
>I am contacting the list as i am in search of preserved
>specimens of butterflies from the family Danainae for 
>research that will be carried out at the university of 
>Southampton, UK.
>Samples of a range of genera (listed below)are required for 
>genetic analysis, and therefore donations from 
>listsubscribers are welcome in any condition provided they 
>are identifiable. Ideal specimens should be preserved in 
>alcohol, though dried ones are also adequate. Wings where 
>possible would be useful as a method of identifing the 
>Where possible any costs incurred will be met.
>Genera (any spp.): 2-10 individuals required
>(rare samples exemplified)
>Danaus (Salatura)
>Danaus (Anosia)
>Genus Danaus: 2-10 individuals
>plexippus (samples from the eastboard, and the westboard)
>Thankyou in advance for your help
>stuart longhorn
>sjl197 at soton.ac.uk

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