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Michael Gates Gates at
Wed Jun 23 23:16:20 EDT 1999

I, along with a few others, obtained a five-year permit for three of the
Ranger Districts in SE Arizona (Nogales, Sierra Vista, forgot the other) in
1996.  To my knowledge, those were the only Forest Service districts in the
US requiring formal permits for recreational collecting.  I assume this was
because the area was (is) so popular with collectors that they felt they
HAD to regulate it in some way.  Of course, this opened a can of worms with
respect the uniformity of enforcement (or even knowledge of) regulations in
this area. 

Most recently, in an effort to quell the unrest, the Forest Service sent
out an e-mail memo stating that RECREATIONAL collecting is OK in ALL Forest
Service lands. Research projects require a permit since they want to know
where you'll be and when with respect to a certain project being conducted
on FS lands.  So, remember to smile when the ranger drives by you, net in
hand, in SE Arizona. You're having fun ;^)  

The above diatribe is my special way of saying no permit is needed for
recreational use.  Although some rangers may still be a bit antsy...


At 06:39 AM 6/23/99 -0700, Ronald D. Holland wrote:
>Can anyone tell me what permits are required and where I can get them for
>collecting (primarily Coleoptera) in Coronado National Forest (Madera
>Canyon, Pena Blanca, Cave Creek Canyon, etc)?  The last time I was in the
>area, permits were not required.  Thanks in advance.
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