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Thu Jun 24 11:51:11 EDT 1999

The only thing I would add is "Those who have the most interest in
something will want to protect that something".  For instance, you will
find kayakers and fishermen want to protect rivers. And, in fact, the
monies raised form fishing help create some of the biggest wilderness
areas around.  On a personal note, I can tell you that, when I was
"young" I used to go moth collecting down at the local high school.  I
was ALWAYS being questioned by the police (what's a 14 year old kid
doing out at 3AM....must be vandal).  They were always trying to
"accuse" me of breaking the lights on the side of school.  I explained
to them time and time way!!! Those lights were my bread and
butter.  They were my collecting lights.  Anytime one was broken I would
despair as my catch would be smaller.  And, although it never happened,
I would have GLADLY reported anyone I saw breaking those lights.  So, by
first appearance....I was the bad guy...looked like a vandal, got
hassled.  But, the reality was, I was that school's and the police's
best friend.  My interest in seeing that the lights worked HELPED
alleviate the problems they were worried about.

	Collecting is the same way.  We "appear" evil on the surface (killing
those pretty little creatures).....but really, because of our interest
in always being able to catch bugs, we are the butterflies best friend.

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