Bhutanitis lidderdalii (For Sale)

Juha Laiho juha.laiho at
Sun Jun 27 06:00:49 EDT 1999


This person also have a homepage at If you first
enter, then select butterflies and then next catalogue page you can find
this Luehdorfia species listed there. There are also a copy of the
description of this species taken from some book. So, it is possible that
this species exist.


Doug Yanega <dyanega at> wrote in message
> >This could be a sting operation of some kind.  Trying to set up the deal
> >this person only leads further into a nebulous situation with no solid ID
> That strongly suggests it's *not* a sting, but more likely not a person
> has a valid CITES permit. People running stings don't try to be evasive
> nebulous. The e-mail address does suggest it's the same person we ran into
> before (Hsin Chi), dealing in all sorts of collectibles.
> So, has no one tracked down the author of "Leuhdorfia longicaudata"? It
> would be par for the course if it turned out to be something Hsin Chi
> in a Chinese hobbyist trade journal just to avoid permit hassles. Let's
> if we start getting ads for new species of Teinopalpus and Bhutanitis,
> Sigh. One bad apple...
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