Butterfly garden--butterfly tree?

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Mon Jun 28 00:36:44 EDT 1999

My parents recently sold some land in Kentucky, thereon which contained
a pond and a dam. Out of use for several years, that dam grew a lot of
vegetation. Among that vegetation was a beautiful tree, 12-18' tall,
upon whose grape-grown-like white flowers we could always see a bunch of
active butterflies. We never got too close to the tree, it being
surrounded by a bunch of pain-prickly blackberry bushes, but that's the
impression I remember from across the pond. Recently the entire pond was
bulldozed by the new owners so it would hold more water, and that was
sadly the end of the vegetation & this beautiful butterfly tree.

My wife & I were thinking of planting a butterfly garden and were
wondering if anyone could identify that tree, surely native to Kentucky
(Ohio-McLean-Daviess Counties area).  It would be just splendid for our
butterfly project. The type of butterflies it seemed to attract were the
large yellow black-striped ones (--> tiger butterflies(?)), and I think
_maybe_ some monarchs. I'm not very skilled at butterfly identification!

Also, if anyone could point me to a FAQ file on butterfly gardens, or to
a similar web site, then kudos to you!

Thank you,

Robert Sumner

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